Saturday, September 15, 2007

A German-Swiss Styled house, 1869

A German Swiss Cottage.
THE accompanying design is different from any yet
published, and represents an example in the German
Swiss style, erected on the Hudson River, at a cost of
$7950. It will be seen that on this plan the house is
narrow and long; the position of parlor, dining-room,
and family-room is such that they all look out on the
river, that being the reason why the owner desired
the rooms placed as shown. Sliding doors may be
placed between dining and family rooms, the chim-
neys being placed elsewhere.

The piazza almost encircles the building and is ten
feet wide by the front door. The elevation being shown
as a front elevation, the effects in perspective are not
visible; it is a most decidedly picturesque example of
the style. To those who admire the effect produced by
a high pitch roof, this style is far more desirable than
the Gothic, which to carry out even in the very plain-
est manner, in wood, is far more expensive to produce
the same effect. Besides, Gothic such as we see used
for time construction of stone churches is not suitable
for tIme erection of a frame dwelling, as the details of
Gothic architecture require them to be executed in
On the second floor of this plan are six bedrooms
and over the main building is a small attic with two
servants rooms.
The first story is eleven feet, the second ten, and the
attic seven and a half feet. There is a cellar under
the whole building, the walls being of building-stone
eighteen inches thick; the frame is filled in within brick;
the siding laid horizontally and four inches to
weather; the roof is of slate in bands; the interior
neatly and nicely finished, with all the wood-
work varnished and oiled.

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