Tuesday, September 11, 2007

3 Cottages, 1869


In this view, we give in the present number three small cottage designs, each having its own peculiar style. The first is built with a flat, projecting roof; the second has a Mansard roof to the second story; while the third is built with the high-pitch projecting roof. It is the character of the roofs, their projection at the eaves, together with the style of the cornice-work, and the like, that give individuality to these cottage designs.

Design No. 1, with plan, shows the following rooms on the first or ground-floor:
No. 1 represents the hall, together with the stairway 8 by 12;
No. 2, the parlor, 12 by 12;
No. 3, the dining-room, 16 by 13;
No. 4, the kitchen, 12 by 12, together with a back entrance and dresser;
No. 5 shows a pantry connected with the dining-room.
There are four sleeping-rooms upon the second floor.
It will be observed that this design is well adapted to a lot forty feet wide, as the structure would have two fronts. The cottage as seen in this design is represented as standing upon a corner lot fifty feet in width, so that the entrance front is upon one street, and the side shown in the illustration presented to another.
The first floor is ten feet high between joists, and the second nine feet. The cellar is nicely walled with stone.

Design No. 2 represents a neat little cottage that can be built at less than two thirds the cost of No. 1
It has a slate roof, but is tinned on the deck. The rooms as shown in the plan are as follows:

No, 1 shows the parlor, 12 by 13;
No. 2, the dining-room, 10 by 13, within a pantry 4 feet square;
No. 3, the hall, 5 feet square;
No. 4, the kitchen, 10 by 13, within pantry, 6 feet square.
The division into rooms is the same
upon the second floor as upon the first. The whole makes a plan with a 30 foot front.

The third design is arranged upon the same plan as No. 2, and therefore has the same division into rooms.

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